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L to R: Drew Holloway (vox/gtr), Jack Forman (bass/vox), Korum Bischoff (drums/vox). Read more about the boys below!
"These kids’ songs are awesome! There are bands you can’t go wrong with, and this is one of them."
– USA Today

"RECESS MONKEY: If Seattle is the new bastion of kindie rockers, then the trio of elementary school teachers are the city's breakout stars."
– Time Magazine

"RECESS MONKEY, The Final Funktier: The clever trio kick it space-age style on a boppy set with songs like ‘Ukulalien’ and “Beat-Box-a-Robot’ that future astronauts will find irresistibly fun. 4 Stars"
– People Magazine

"BEST KIDS’ CDs OF THE DECADE: This trio of Seattle teachers (who have even garnered Beatles comparisons) has become a force to be reckoned with in children's music."
– AOL ParentDish

Recess Monkey is the nationally acclaimed trio of teachers who make music for kids and families that truly rocks. Seamlessly meshing their indie-rock roots with their keen awareness of childhood themes, the band continues to make waves coast to coast. "Deep Sea Diver" is the band’s ninth album, showcasing the high-energy, pitch-perfect understanding of what gets kids excited that has launched them into national awareness.

Time Out New York recently named them the #3 Kindie band in America behind the iconic They Might Be Giants and gifted Chicago kid-tunester Justin Roberts. Known for prolific, eclectic musical output and their contagiously exciting live shows, Recess Monkey strives to strike a balance between kid-centric ideas and musical authenticity. Lyrically, they weave jokes and puns together with universal childhood themes, speaking to both kids and their parents simultaneously with catchy, melodic songs.

Drew Holloway
(vocals, guitar)

Drew would like to thank his mom for singing to him as a wee lad, even if she says it was out of tune... and his his father, for keeping the house well-stocked with instruments and letting Drew play his favorite music in the car... and his older brother, for sharing his record collection, or at least putting it where Drew could reach it.

All of this has helped shape the guy who's always had a tune rolling around in his head and a need to furiously tap on the desk. Lucky also that he found some great friends to play music with and take those incessant ideas farther and farther!

When he's not rocking out with Recess Monkey, you can find Drew teaching elementary school at University Child Development School, singing goofy songs at the kitchen table with his wife and two girls, aged thirty-eight, eight and five or out running somewhere in Seattle. If you see him out running he could really use a doughnut.

Jack Forman
(bass, vocals)
Jack taught for thirteen years at University Child Development School before recently becoming a Stay-at-Home-Dad (aka "LIVING THE DREAM!"). He started music lessons at an early age, bouncing from cello to piano to trombone, before settling into a 9-year membership in Seattle's Northwest Boychoir.

Jack studied Creative Writing and Top Ramen consumption at University of Washington. The day after finishing his novel (which was mostly about writing a novel), he bought his first bass and promptly joined his first band with the belief that the best way to become a better musician would be to play music with people far more talented than he was. Soon, Recess Monkey was born!

After several years of contributing radio content for the channel, Jack's also now an On-Air personality on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live where his show Live From the Monkey House blends kid-centric ideas, hysterical daily themes and high energy music for the whole family.

Jack lives in Seattle with his wife, son, daughter, cat and chickens.

Korum Bischoff (drums)

It was a drum solo during his dad's prog rock band rehearsal in the summer of '75 that sent Korum’s mom into labor–and he’s been banging on stuff ever since. He spent his first ten years playing in his dad’s studio in a Sacramento cul-de-sac before moving onto a sailboat and sailing off with the musical Bischoff crew to Bainbridge Island. He started dating his wife in high school and now their kids have joined in on the family jam sessions.

When he’s not fish-sticking, you’ll find Korum directing communications and events at Bloedel Reserve, a public garden overlooking Puget Sound, teaching private drum lessons (he formerly taught middle school music) or playing with his boys.

He previously worked for eleven years at Seattle’s famed circus Teatro ZinZanni where he was graphic designer, marketing manager and developed their education and family programs.

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